A Letter to the Editor; Thank You Mr. Kenmore

suzy tubbs

Recently Mr. Hoyt Kenmore submitted a letter to the Payson Roundup.  This was not requested of Hoyt; although he is considered a friend.  He and his wife are lovely people.  It is a blessing that so many have shown support in person, via Facebook, with letters to the Editor, or just words of encouragement.  I am presenting Mr. Kenmore’s letter without edits – exactly as it appears in the Roundup.


“A good thing to remember and a better thing to do, is to work with the construction gang and not the wrecking crew.”

Several years ago (long before many of your time in Payson) we had a young lady that was very dedicated to children. Her name was Marcy Rogers, and she pretty much dedicated her personal life to helping kids! Thus, Payson Community Kids became a reality. She spent most of her “non job related” waking hours dedicated to PCK. Upon her untimely death, many of us seriously wondered what would be the future of the PCK program.

However, it was soon to be learned that a young lady, Suzy Tubbs, would step forward to the challenge. Suzy Tubbs not only provided continuing leadership for Payson Community Kids, but did so with such deep commitment. Thus PCK is now the single most dedicated service for those kids of our community.

Suzy Tubbs has been relentless with her leadership efforts to bring PCK from the single person efforts of Marcy Rogers to the integral part of our community, serving hundreds on a regular daily basis.

Now the citizens of Payson are being blessed by Suzy Tubbs’ interest in bringing her leadership skills, her wisdom, her proven inexhaustible energy, and desire for public service to the Payson Town Council. Although she is a “write-in candidate,” she deserves the support and vote of every citizen that desires to be represented in the decision making process and future of Payson.

Somewhere along life’s way, a very wise person once told me “we need three elements for leadership and outcome accomplishment.” We need youth for continuing new ideas, we need middle age to carry the workload successfully, and we need the older folks for wisdom and guidance to help be successful and avoid pitfalls of the past. At age 88, I believe I maybe just might be able to contribute to the latter.

I have been a voting resident of Payson for 30 years. I have observed multiple combinations within our town council and within the town leadership. Never have I observed the need for “balanced leadership” more than at the present! We need a balance of ideas, work ethic, and leadership committed to what is best for the current and future for all citizens of Payson. Suzy Tubbs offers that opportunity for balance within our town council. Suzy Tubbs has a proven record of balance, between what is desired; what is needed and practical; and how best to utilize available resources for the benefit of all!

Having said this and for the benefit of all Payson citizens, I sincerely ask that you join me by “writing in” Suzy Tubbs for Payson Town Council in the upcoming election.

Hoyt Kenmore


Thank you for the kind words Mr. Kenmore!

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