A whirlwind of activity – Are you in the photos?

Over the past several weeks I have had the pleasure to meet with many good people and groups around Payson.  Most are very excited about my campaign and have had the most encouraging comments.  The best were two at the Senior Expo that had actually registered to vote due to my write-In candidacy.  Such an honor to have that type of impact.

At the Safety Fair and the Air Show I met folks that said that they would actually go to the poles now and actually vote!  In the discussions I have heard from folks like you concerned that our local town government in the past has not  been focused on our future.  This is where we share the same concerns such as redundant internet, fire protection, roads, retention of police/fire employees, fair pay for town staff, the need for a community center and for all businesses and citizens to be treated fairly not just a select few.

I have attended meetings, meet and greets, town events and fundraisers and these concerns are brought to my attention over and over.  These are not just a select few that have these concerns, but several from different age groups and backgrounds are sharing these similar comments.

The Internet problem; people know that we need to make this our biggest priority!  Several citizens are very knowledgeable with the issue.  There is real concern that we as a Town could be shut down for days to weeks from a prolonged outage.  This type of event  would truly devastate our town.  We must do what is necessary to make this a priority, using any resources the Town has as this is something that cannot be put on the back burner any longer.


Enjoy some various photos of the fine people I have had the opportunity to meet.


The Rumsey Park Master Plan is still a big topic with many.  However, I have not met one person that does not agree we need a Community Center for all ages.  By listening to the citizens a Recreation Center is something they want and can support.   They don’t want two ice hockey rinks!

On the Town Council, I would only be one vote and one voice.  These concerns we all share and I will do my best to continue to listen and do my part to make sure these voices are heard on Town Council.

Thank you for your support!