Proposition 401 and 402 – Responsible Government

Suzy for Council

I am a firm supporter of Proposition 401 and 402. 

Our Town Leadership lost sight that their first “partnership” is with the Citizens, not an outside entity.

My support of the propositions is not an issue of growth.  Growth is necessary for our town.  My support of Proposition 401 and 402 is a matter of responsibility.  The council, as fiduciary, has an obligation to the Citizen’s.  Council members cannot lose sight of that.  It is very easy to be caught up in the excitement or the possibility of a new Recreation Center that is so desperately needed in our community.  In some respects, it is something that Payson is missing and would be a great asset.

In my business experience, the practice of preparing for the potential of a shortfall is required of any competent planning; and a reserve is necessary for any kind of new venture.  The operations objective narrative provided by CCP allowed for the exact amount of expenses as the Revenue.  There was no room for error.  There was no “Plan ‘B’.”  

A key directive to the Planning Committee was to find a financial solution that was “risk neutral” to the Town of Payson.  It is simply reckless to put our citizens and town at risk whatsoever.  The Citizens of Payson ARE at risk for the potential financial impact due to private-public partnerships. I believe citizens have a right to know the source of funding for ventures where they could be ultimately responsible.  Fiscal Responsibility is the key to long-term growth and development.

Leases on Town land, for long-term use, should be subject to a vote of the Citizens as the Citizens are the owners of public lands. The public lands owned by the Town are owned for the use by all Citizens of Payson, not a select few to profit from.  The Citizens of Payson have agreed that the Town of Payson’s properties are to be controlled by the Town and to be used for all Citizens.

A Community Center can be achieved. Doing so will take hard work and determination from all in the community.  A Community / Recreation Center for all ages is vital to the future of our town.  Payson has many local resources that have contacts, knowledge and funding that should be included in such an endeavor.

The Town’s first and primary “partnership” should be with the Citizens.