The value of hard work.

Suzy for Council

The value of hard work was defined by my parents.

Both my parents, until they fell ill, were the hardest working people I have ever known.  Most who have worked with my Father have always commented he could out work them and most are much younger even by 30-40 years.  Dad was pouring concrete the day he had his stroke at the age 73.  The Lombardi quote is one of my favorites, something I strive for daily.  Do I always succeed?  Not always, but there is no “failure,” only learning and improvement for next time.

The Value of hard work is not always to receive a paycheck.  ( Yes, that is both nice and necessary. 😉 ) The value of hard work is more intrinsic.  The personal rewards. The satisfaction. That is what drives me to be a better person, a more giving person.  It is up to me to make our Town a better place.  It is up to me to make a better world for those around me.

In my life the hardest job I have ever had was, and is, being a mother.  I look back and wonder how I did it and how we all survived.  I am proud of all my children and I see myself in each one of them; for that I am so grateful.  Each one of them are interested in helping others and this is the best thing I could have taught them.  They learned the intrinsic value and reward of hard work.  A direct contribution from my parents, their grandparents, to them.  No doubt from my great great grandparents to me, and so on.  We all learn from others and we all can do more to lead by example.

From my family life, to my volunteering, to my business / professional life; I take on what I do with 100% determination to get the job done.  No short cuts.  Nothing but drive and determination.  I have been very fortunate to have the support of my husband and the rest of my family as they know how important each goal is in my life.

I promise, as your Council Member, that you will have 100% of my determination and drive to represent YOU to the best of my ability.