Time to Focus on the Future of Payson! Worthwhile Sacrifices.

suzy tubbs

Being a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, business owner, President of a local non-profit, some have said “Don’t you do enough?” I answer “I have a very driven personality.”

When I see someone or something that needs my help I am more than happy to jump right in! This is goes for my determination to run for Town Council.  It is a must.  The Town needs someone that truly wants to help carry the load and work together so we can focus on the future of Payson.

Personally, I believe that things in our life happen to teach or prepare us for life’s future lessons.  I believe my background has provided me with many lessons that I have learned and I have retained that knowledge and experience that I can bring to Town government.  I would say that I am a  “realistic optimist.” Someone who tends to maintain a positive outlook, but within the constraints of what they know about the world.  I am excited to focus on the future of Payson!

Suzy Tubbs
Part of the “Chair-ish Payson’s Kids Kid Fanciful Fun Furniture Fundraiser.”

Back to the question: “Don’t you do enough?”  The value of hard work to me is the goal or the finish line.  I always ask myself a few questions.  What is it I am looking to accomplish?  Do I enjoy what I do?  is it worth possible sacrifices? There should always be a goal in mind; this applies to anything from my day to day chore list to a large project that I may strive to achieve.

When Marcy Rogers passed away.  Payson Community Kids  was left with a building, that was by town code, only adequate for six children at one time.   At this point Payson Community Kids had no paid employees; we were all volunteers with businesses of our own or working full time jobs.  We all knew if we were going to keep the Payson Community Kids program alive and going we needed a building.

My goal along with many others was to complete a structure that would hold fifty kids.  We did everything imaginable to get the funds raised in a timely manner.  We also had to continue to operate the program and begin the building process.  Looking back I don’t know how we were able to pull it off.  A lot of hours planning, negotiating, fundraising, physical work, and lots of prayers went into getting the job done.  Within nine months we had enough funds to begin the construction process and six months later our little building was complete.    We all loved the kids we were so fortunate to help in the program.  Yes there were sacrifices every day for all of us and yes they were worth every one of them!

I expect the role as Town Councilor will be much the same.  Worthwhile sacrifices.

Very worthwhile.