Why am I, Suzy Tubbs, running?

Suzy for Council

I am running for the Town of Payson and it’s Citizens.  I am running for you!

For several years I have thought about running for Town Council.  Last year I was seriously considering and began preparing for a campaign.  My Mother was dealing with Cancer and my Father had three strokes.  Obviously, that is where I needed to focus my time. The deadline for packets came and went and I felt very strongly I should have completed the packet!

Write in Suzy Tubbs

After the Primary Election my family and I were discussing the outcome of the election and my father reminded me that “life is short.” He also said I should never have regrets.  This stuck with me day after day.  The hope of the community and my hope for the future of this town for the next four years seemed bleak if a qualified “Write In” did not come forth.   I am that candidate. 

Our town is trailing behind other small towns. We must Focus on our future and start now!  For us to “focus on our future” we should address current and future goals.  Our Community is lacking a Community / Recreational Center for all ages.  This is an important factor in any thriving community.  There is no doubt a way to accomplish this goal in a manner that the entire town can support and be proud of.

The future also requires internet.  The internet issues we are having here in 2018 are unacceptable.  Businesses are loosing money and the most important issue is the safety aspect.  Our community lost a precious life during one outage.  Society relies on internet capabilities.  The lack of reliable access impacts jobs, new business interests and individuals that want to move here.  Prosperity for our community depends on our ability to have reliable communication within and outside of our area.

write in suzy tubbsI look forward to working with current and new members of the Council. I respect all individuals on issues even if I do not agree to find a common ground.  I will continue to support the Citizen’s of the Town of Payson in a manner that displays honesty, respect,  and fairness in all relationships.  I will support the health and economic well-being of our citizens and businesses while preserving our historic small-town character.  I look forward to encouraging new opportunities, services and infrastructure that allow people of all means to live, work and visit here.  I will  be diligent in addressing public concerns promptly and effectively.

I am prepared for, and look forward to the challenge.  I ask for your support.

Representing the Town is a job for those that have the willingness to get things done with a servant’s heart.  I do.