You Only Take Flak When You Are Over the Target

suzy tubbs

There has been some discussion locally on the “legality” of a write in campaign.  Some groups going to so far as to contemplate an injunction.  Below is the information that may place many minds at ease.  The same information may upset others?  Facts and truth can do that sometimes.  It appears the message of qualified unity is upsetting?

It appears to us the write in campaign is 100% legal.  Until and unless we are notified differently it is full steam ahead to a victory party.

With your help we can return Payson to a town we can all be proud to call home.  We can return to being good and gracious neighbors. 


Thank you for your support and taking the extra time to “write in” on the ballot.

Here is a list of “approved” write in candidates; scroll to page 4 to see “Suzy Tubbs:”


100418_ST write-in from Gila Co


Here are the rules:


Write-In 10042018